Keeping pace with relevant technology releases and user demands has never been simple. The unique cocktail of applications at each law firm complicates things further, and places greater importance on selecting the right partner for major system upgrades

Olenick helps clients build a secure Windows 10 image for their environment, and ensures operating system and application configurations are done correctly in a locked down environment.  Our deep expertise in software quality and testing uniquely qualifies us as an experienced partner to ensure clients’ next Windows/Office upgrade is their best upgrade..

  •  Integrating and testing applications with MS Office & DMS systems
  •  Building a secure, locked down Windows 10 image
  •  Packaging applications for installation in Windows 10 environment
  •  Incorporating best practices for patching and deployment

After completing the Windows 10 / Office 16 upgrade, clients have the most powerful technology tools, that enable their associates to be more efficient and productive – accessing the enterprise from a variety of devices including Tablet PCs. 

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