Test planning and test execution of an application or suite of applications as part of a system implementation or upgrade can easily have a lifecycle of its own.  We simultaneously simplify and improve functional regression testing.  We have 17 years of experience helping clients roll out successful software systems.

We are industry leaders in writing test cases for legal applications. See our Legal Systems Test Repository on ILTA’s Connected Community Website.

Testing is in our DNA, and automation is part of our language.  Combining those skills with our deep experience in legal allows us to provide unmatched benefits to clients, including:

Superior Implementation and Upgrade Quality

  • Governance from Deployment Readiness™ ensures all systems are ready for roll out

Time and Cost Savings

  • Reusable frameworks and test suites, test automation, and cost-effective resource options

Cutting Edge Innovation 

  • New Tool innovation and thought-leaders dedicated to shaping the industry 


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