Olenick to attend and present at ILTACON

We are pleased to have the opportunity to attend and present at ILTACON in Las Vegas, August 13-17th.    With the growing concern around security and compliance, Olenick’s Patch Management and Windows 10 solutions will be key topics of discussion.  Visit booth 625 or attend Olenick’s educational session Thursday, Aug 17th at 9AM to talk further about issues ranging from implementations to system maintenance.

Bill Mertes and Scott Christensen, both longtime ILTA affiliates, will be joined by a client for an educational session “Cracks in Your Windows? Building Quality into Your Projects.”  We hope to see you at the educational session and booth 625 to discover how Olenick is helping the legal technology market with reducing risk within their projects.

Session Description - Are you planning a Windows 10 deployment? Are you concerned about how “Windows as a service” will affect your firm? Or are you implementing new business intake, document management system or financial system platforms or upgrades? Then this session is for you! Avoid any cracks in your windows by using the five W’s of quality assurance, which we will explore using real-life law firm examples. Whether your focus is testing, project management or desktop application engineering, we will give guidance on how to reinforce your projects with better quality.

Olenick provides services that combine expertise in software quality engineering services with extensive experience in the legal technology environment.  We ensure law firms navigate risk and achieve successful deployments by providing services in desktop engineering, patch management, quality assurance, and project management.  Please reach out or visit olenick.com for more information on Olenick.

Why Should I Care About Application Uninstall?

An application packager's role is to package content for deployment. Too often the vendor does not consider what happens when their package needs to be uninstalled. Why should I as a packager care about what happens if and when someone decides to remove a package I have built? Windows does not have a good history when it comes to keeping itself clean and tidy, and by ignoring the need to clean up deployments I have authored, I only contribute to that history. It's time to break the cycle as a packager, uninstall processes needs to have just as much scrutiny as deployment. As the industry moves away from the classic desktop application management model and starts treating enterprise applications like mobile applications, cleaning up a removed package becomes more essential.

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News Update: Olenick achieves the Microsoft Windows and Devices Competency

Windows 10 upgrades are top of mind for many IT organizations, and they are top of mind for Olenick as well.  Earlier today Olenick announced that it has achieved the Microsoft Silver Windows and Devices competency. This competency builds upon Olenick’s Microsoft Devices and Deployment competency and positions Olenick to bring focused expertise in software quality engineering to Windows 10 projects. View the full story on Olenick’s latest achievement here.

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ILTA Webinar: Cracks in your Windows? Building Quality into your Projects.

Throughout the year International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) hosts numerous educational webinars to provide members with access to the latest information about products and services that impact the legal profession.  ILTA reached out to Olenick to present a webinar on quality assurance (QA) addressing how QA principles would come to bear on a Windows 10 project.  We presented the webinar live on November 30th to an audience of over 50 people, if you missed it, you can view it here.  Scott Christensen, Bill Mertes, and Rick Lesley walk you through the 5 W’s of QA and walk through an example of how QA would affect a Windows 10 project.  We hope you find it useful, we will be hosting another webinar in Q1 2017.

Microsoft APP-V Overview

Application Virtualization is a technology that appears to end users as if an application is installed onto a machine. Virtualized applications are in fact not installed and do not leave a footprint on a machine. These applications function and operate in the same fashion as an application that has been physically installed in traditional fashion.

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Assured Windows Migration avoids April 2014 Pain

Chicago, Illinois, March 25, 2013. Olenick & Associates today announces its Assured Windows Migration solution. About half of all PCs are now running an outdated or ”end of life” Windows desktop OS, posing a global technology challenge that cannot be ignored. With Assured Windows Migration, organizations running obsolete versions of Windows can minimize risk while migrating to Windows 7 or 8.

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