Olenick to attend and present at ILTA’s LegalSEC Summit

Join Olenick at ILTA’s LegalSEC Summit, June 13-14th.  Bill Mertes and Scott Christensen will be leading the Olenick legal team in talking with clients, thought leaders, and in presenting a session titled, “Risky Business: Talking to the Internet of Things”.  Olenick hopes to see you at the educational session or at the booth.  Further details on the session are provided below and if you prefer to setup a meeting time in advance, please reach out here Olenick is an ILTA Gold Sponsor.

Session Title - Risky Business: Talking to the Internet of Things

Session Description - The Internet of Things (IoT) has garnered a lot of attention over the past few years.  Home security concerns over the hacking of internet-connected personal and household devices and loss of privacy due to monitoring of personal routines are on the rise.  Add voice control to those devices and place them in the home, the office, the car as well as on ourselves and we may have created the perfect storm for both personal and professional information breach and privacy loss. 

Scott Christensen, will share his knowledge of the voice-activated devices currently on the market as well as provide use case examples and the related risk.  He will discuss ways to set controls on the most commonly encountered devices to mitigate that risk.  He will also cover potential updates to your firm’s current policies which address the risk associated with voice-activated IoT device use.

On the first day of this year’s LegalSEC Summit, Scott will conduct a voice-activated IoT study of his own on consenting attendees. He will share his methods of collection and the audio results at the session’s start.

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