Using Microsoft’s Performance Toolkit for Benchmarking - Part I

Whether you are procuring new hardware, upgrading to Windows 10, or simply need to define what “super slow start-up” time means, Microsoft’s Windows Assessment & Deployment kit, could be your solution.

Microsoft offers the Windows Assessment  & Deployment kit as a tool to help IT groups manage their windows desktops. One component of this kit is the Performance Toolkit.  This toolkit allows detailed measurements of all components of the windows startup process. The output of this tool is a comprehensive XML file, however there are two primary metrics which can be used for overall performance measurements.



These two metrics can be used to compare different machine & software configurations, showing the differences. They can also be used as benchmarks.  The below graphic provides an example output of the bootDoneViaExplorer measurements.


- If an end user states that performance of their computer has degraded, an exact comparison to the original performance can be made. 

- When the client is going through the process off procuring new hardware, the change in performance & cost can be determined.

- When the client is in the process of upgrading the operating system, the impact to performance can be determined

Author: Mike Willett, Lead senior consultant at Olenick    

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