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With over 20 years of experience delivering legal software projects, Olenick’s technologists are experts in the domain. Olenick’s Get To offerings provides a simple, low-cost way to deploy iManage Work 10 to all devices. By leveraging our desktop engineering expertise, we have developed automated tooling to deploy upgrades consistently and efficiently, without remote sessions and travel budgets. Whether using our automated tooling or SCCM, we take responsibility for ensuring the deployment was successful across devices.

We package iManage and integrated applications, test the application integration, deploy the upgrade and verify the deployment success. The Get To solution was developed by working closely with iManage to solve historical pain points for small to medium sized iManage clients.




Point existing desktop client to iManage Cloud
Point existing desktop client to iManage Cloud:

  • Tool Configuration
  • iManage application packaging
  • Testing
  • Automated deployment

Install Current iManage Desktop Client
Install Current iManage Desktop Client:

  • Includes all Cloud options
  • Uninstall legacy client
  • Install or upgrade to iManage 9x or 10x
  • Additional 3rd party application upgrades as needed

Complete Desktop Refresh
Complete Desktop Refresh:

  • Includes all Cloud and Current options
  • Windows 10
  • Office 365/2016
  • Planning session
  • Review update: Imaging process, login script, Group policy, Application Packaging, and integration, Test, Deploy, Support

Specifically designed for current and future iManage customers.
"The Legal Desktop Quality Engineering Experts."


Olenick completed the Get To Current offering for a law firm with 120 devices across 5 locations. The automated tooling completed the deployment in 50% of the time it would have taken to manually deploy the upgrade. Historical data shows that manual application deployments have a 7% human error rate. Using our automated application deployment, there were zero errors, with 100% of device installations completing successfully.

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