New Jobs Forecast for Northern Ireland

In a recent survey, Ireland was ranked number 1 in the world for business – researchers have estimated that there will be about 30,000 new jobs created in Northern Ireland over the next five years. The main areas which will see an increase in hiring are manufacturing and professional services. This in turn will boost the construction industry, thus increasing an engineer’s chances of employment. Graduates will also thrive as post-graduate roles will be coming in from these jobs.


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The Heartbleed Bug

As you may be aware a flaw in the security infrastructure of much of the internet has been recently discovered. The defect is referred to as “heart bleed” or “Heartbleed” and it is without question one of the biggest challenges
to online security to date.

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Microsoft APP-V Overview

Application Virtualization is a technology that appears to end users as if an application is installed onto a machine. Virtualized applications are in fact not installed and do not leave a footprint on a machine. These applications function and operate in the same fashion as an application that has been physically installed in traditional fashion.

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Robot Framework IDE

The Belfast Team, using RIDE with Selenium2Library, recently completed a regression smoke test suite This regressions suite checks that all pages and links work as expected as new builds are deployed. This internal project stemmed from research planning for a testing engagement that would have utilized the Robot framework for semi-automated testing. Internally, we have been brainstorming on a way to automate regression testing for our WordPress site ( and subsequent enhancement builds.

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HP LoadRunner 12.0: A First Look

The latest version of standalone LoadRunner (12.0) was released by HP on March 17th. With this latest release comes some significant changes over the prior 11.52 release, but not the wholesale type of changes that were present when upgrading from 11 to 11.50. If you’re wondering whether or not it makes sense to leap to version 12.0, I’ll try to highlight some main points of the release in this blog article as well as give you some initial snapshots at the interface.

One of the first things I noticed about this release was the change in licensing structure/naming. Version 12.0 is now called a “Community” edition and as such comes with a new permanent bundle of 50 Vusers. This means you can run up to 50 concurrent users through the Controller without any license expiration, and includes all protocols except GUI and COM/DCOM. It is nice to see HP come on board, as other tool vendors such as SOASTA had already allowed this same type of permanent trial for a small number of Vusers.  After a successful installation, you should see the following under the LoadRunner License Utility:

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Let’s get Connected!

Home is where the heart is and that was no different for Mobile World Congress’s (MWC) Connected City.

The connected home is looking like the next big technology revolution that will dramatically change many aspects of our daily lives. These connected services range from entertainment, home automation and security to healthcare and controlling energy use. The connected home will be a single environment where we’ll be able to keep control of the network, the devices and the data.

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What is the Value Proposition? How do I get Started?

Big Data IS a Big Deal

Welcome to the second webinar in the Value Proposition series.

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The Future is Bright, The Future is Mobile

The future’s bright, the future’s mobile; a connected life with a side order of augmented reality.

Mobile World Capital Barcelona

During Mobile World Congress 2014 (MWC14) I attended a keynote titled ‘Driving New Revenues & Relationships for Operators and Brands’ where Marieta Rivero, CMO of Telefonica Digital stated that, “whether it’s entertainment, leisure, driving or shopping the digital revolution is turning day to day life upside down.” Thomas Crampton, Global MD for Social Media at Ogilvy & Mather added that, “the worlds of social and mobile are merged to the point where they are indistinguishable.”

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FitBit Challenge

Mobile World Congress (MWC14) this year was definitely #Connected! From the Connected City, to connected automobiles to pretty much anything imaginable connected living in the mobile world.

This year MWC14 had the Fitbit Challenge. A tie-in of connected health and a challenge of fitness for the record breaking attendance of over 85K visitors. If you have not heard of Fitbit yet, you will. These wearable devices are soaring in popularity across the globe. If you search ‘fitbit popularity’ you will see the reviews, obsessions and craze that is sweeping people interested and involved in fitness.

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