With deep understanding in legal-specific software, as well as compliance matters, Olenick is uniquely positioned as the premier solution for energy-related legal software solutions. We have a dedicated legal practice and have assisted clients in the following areas:



Project Management, Software Testing, Performance Testing, Software Engineering, Infrastructure

Project Management
  • Developing internal customer and stakeholder relationships to manage the expectations, objectives, and timelines of the legal software.
  • Collaborating with Software Development Managers to translate department requirements into a clear software roadmap. This process helps to achieve the company’s vision.
Software Testing
  • Utilizing waterfall or agile methodologies to ensure that legal systems and applications (e.g., cloud computing software) are compliant with company guidelines.
  • Working as an integral part of the software development team to create testing solutions that supports all phases of the software development cycle (e.g., testing methods, regression testing; result reporting, etc.).
Performance Testing
  • Providing comprehensive performance testing and analytical skills that support ongoing protective force training; selection, implementation, and deployment of current and emerging security technologies for energy-related legal functions.
  • Ensuring that performance testing results are accurately reported and documented, and that communication across system development teams are helpful in terms of troubleshooting and identifying performance bottlenecks.
Software Engineering
  • Creating test plans, protocols, and documentation for energy-related legal software applications. The primary goal is to identify and debug application issues with code and recommend changes or improvements.
  • Driving process and technical innovation through use of document creation, presentations, architecture diagrams, process flows, data model diagrams, solution design documents, and associated presentations for energy-related legal software.


Highlights from Past and Current Projects include:

  • Designing a custom-built solution for tracking compliance performers throughout the enterprise, and reporting of gaps created by movement of the performers to outside or within the organization. This included developing the database and creating interfaces to the Learning Management System, the Human Resources Management System, and the Records Management System.
  • Implementing and testing of public folder migration to an enterprise Document Management System (DMS).
  • Upgrading Document Management System (DMS) into a consolidated library with upgrade software and integration’s to Microsoft Outlook with archiving rules.
  • Implementing information-gathering and discovery enterprise software system integrated into an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
  • Proposing ideas for technological compliance to ensure that policies and procedures are correctly aligned and implemented.
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