Olenick provides functional testing for the full life cycle of a project, from the definition phase through deployment. We leverage our proprietary framework, Functional Readiness, across system testing, integration testing, UAT, and operational readiness to provide clients with the following benefits:

  • Test results dashboards that summarize data for traceability and high level reporting
  • Proprietary frameworks for functional testing and project governance, designed and proven to maximize client results and reduce costs
  • A delivery solution that fits client needs including: onshore/offshore models for cost effectiveness and quick ramp up, consulting projects, or managed service models

We have expertise across the breadth of functional testing, including System Testing, Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing, and Operational Readiness Testing.

System Testing  

Testing that verifies the features and functionality of an application against a set of defined requirements.

Integration Testing  

Testing that validates end-to-end scenarios and integration with external applications and utilities.

User Acceptance Testing 

Testing usually performed by an end-user or customer to determine whether a system or application is working according to requirements and design specifications.

Operational Readiness Testing  

Testing of the application production or simulated production environment that includes: backup and recovery, disaster recovery, failover, installation, and back out. 



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