Testing automation is the most recognized way to increase testing efficiency and reliability.  From a technical standpoint, the programming that drives testing automation is one of the hardest types of programming to execute successfully.  As leaders in testing automation we provide expertise throughout the automation process from tool selection to calculating the ROI.  We help clients successfully implement and test automation solutions that provide the following benefits:

Reliable Programming 

  • Solve complex programming challenges across software systems

Scalable Automation

  • Create automation processes that scale as clients grow

Increased Speed & Efficiency

  • Complete testing faster and with fewer team members

Testing automation, when applied correctly, greatly increases test coverage across application suites, particularly when repetitive test cycles are involved.  Olenick has significant experience with the most challenging automation projects.  We consistently author software with the ability to drive other disparate software.

By combining years of experience within the legal stack and our automation experience, we are designing a keyword driven tool specifically for legal application deployment testing.  This tool, being released in Q4 of 2016, is designed to directly address the automation needs of the legal industry. 

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