App Deployment Over the Air

In recent years, we have finally seen mobile devices disconnect from their bulky computer counterparts.  You no longer need a standalone computer to own an iPhone for instance.  In the early days of the iOS devices, you needed to connect your device to your computer.  You did this to sync all of your favorite music, photos, back up your device, etc.  That all changed when “Cloud” services arrived.  Now, there’s not much reason to connect your iPad to your desktop.  All of your files are now backed up in the cloud, ready for you to download whenever and where ever you want.  This disconnection from PCs has made its way into the app development world as well.

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How Olenick Trained Employees for Mobile Testing

With the mobile industry booming organizations are finding a greater need to develop their apps and websites to be compatible and mobile-friendly.   This means that testers now have to verify these apps or sites on the various mobile devices available on the market.  As there are many mobile devices (phones and tablets), as well as various mobile tools available for testers to become familiar with, this can pose a challenge and may be initially overwhelming when testers are first introduced to the mobile testing concept.
To enable our employees to gain general understanding and knowledge of mobile testing and the various tools that can be used for testing in the mobile world, Olenick set up test projects using different sites and apps to train employees The end goal was to ensure that employees would gain understanding of the tools, and also the challenges of mobile testing.

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A quick look at SQL-on-Hadoop

This is an introduction to SQL-on-Hadoop.  Rather than start with an overview and high-level architectural diagrams,  we’re going to get our hands dirty and start right at the Linux bash command line.

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Flynn presents Performance Testing at QUEST

April 19, 2013.  Kevin Flynn presented Performance Testing: More than Tools and Scripts at the QUEST conference.

Flynn and colleague Michael Ivy explained that performance testing is much more than buying and running a performance testing tool.

Too often, performance testing is seen as just running a lot of traffic. A detailed plan, measurable requirements, and defined test conditions are needed to determine pass or fail.  The attendees learned how to structure a performance test and interpret results in a comprehensive manner. There were good questions from the audience, techniques and processes were reviewed and discussed.

Virtualization Client Recognized

December, 2006.  Virtualization client recognized as 56 out of 500 top Innovative companies for Monte Carlo simulation package using Microsoft’s Virtual Server and IBM blade technologies using Grid computing.

Proposal Accepted for International Conference on Practical Software Quality and Testing

June 1, 2005.  Associate Phil Coolidge’s proposal “Effective Project Reporting: Developing a Customized Dashboard Reporting System” accepted by The International Conference on Practical Software Quality and Testing PSQT Conference presented from September 12-16, 2005 in Minneapolis, MN.

IOS and O-Solutions Practices Launched

January 1, 2005.  Olenick & Associates launches its IOS and O-Solutions Practices!

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