Mobile Device Testing in 2014

Are you attached to your Mobile Device? What kind of device do you have? A high tech phone or a tablet I would imagine. Do you use it for work? Does your work give you a phone or tablet to use? Most of us use our mobile devices for both work and personal needs. I assume a lot of you check email on your phones, whether for business or personal reasons. Oh, and what about that Facebook thing….Over the past year, I have seen Facebook being used for both business and personal reasons. What about the various mobile business apps. I assume that your company allows you to add the app to your own mobile device or onto a device that is given to you by your company.

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Performance Testing – New Vistas


Performance testing (aka: load testing) has been like the technology it supports – constantly changing over the years. Testing started with mainframe applications, then client/server was all the rage, after that the internet changed the face of IT applications. What to expect next? Let’s look at how performance testing is evolving with these changes.

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HP LoadRunner vs. Performance Center

As a consultant at Olenick & Associates I have used HP’s performance testing tools at many clients.
Performance testing allows the generation of user load against an application so that the performance, reliability and scalability of an application can be determined. Performance testing will uncover any issues that exist & allow the verification of improvements.

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Customized Metrics Reporting

HP Quality Center / Application Lifecycle Management (QC/ALM) provides a Dashboard interface used to create basicstatus reports. If a simple report is needed for test teams or personal use, the Dashboard does a fine job; however, the interface does have certain limitations and can cause challenges while producing a complex report without extensive training.

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Reporting in HP Quality Center / Application Lifecycle Management (QC/ALM) using Open Test Architecture (OTA)

Let’s face it: reporting in HP Quality Center / Application Lifecycle Management (QC/ALM) has come a long way over the years, especially with the advent of the easier to use Dashboard interface.  Even with the Dashboard, the output is oftentimes large and it is difficult to get a summary view of the testing and defect results.  The solution here is typically Excel reporting in which you can define your own SQL calls and then utilize Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to format the results of the report.  But still, we always expect more and have resorted to building custom reports outside of QC/ALM.  These reports tend to be Excel-based using SQL.  The pitfalls of this approach will be discussed in a separate blog in our QC/ALM series, stay tuned.

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Making a Smooth Transition to Agile: A Tester’s Perspective

Would you like to make a smooth, successful transition from testing a Waterfall project to testing an Agile one?  Here are a few insights that can help you achieve your goal.

Any change is going to come with some challenges and the move from Waterfall to Agile is no different. The Waterfall methodology traditionally places testing at the end of the project life cycle and should include very clear and precise documentation, Agile is different.

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AirDrop on iPhone FINALLY

We’ve all probably been in a situation where you captured a great picture/video with your iPhone, and someone with you asks you to send it to them. Maybe you caught the baby’s first smile or the game winning score. The fact remains that you have something to share. Up until now, you had to go about using some kind of “clunky” method. The popular ways of sharing include email, SMS text message, or a photo sharing site such as Flickr. It’s not really a big hassle to text it or email it but what happens when you don’t have the person’s email or phone number? Then you have to ask for their phone number or email (which you’ll probably mistype). You also might not want them to have your number or email. Pretty soon they’ll start sending you those emails with videos of cats playing the piano.

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Test Automation – Advantages & Limitations

What is Test Automation:

A set of automated test cases is (basically) a program intended to test another program. A variety of tools available in the market (such as Ranorex and SOASTA Test, which are Olenick partners) offer a number of features that emulate Mobile user behavior and validate usability aspects such as size of images & display, location of links and buttons, reaction to touch over screens and response time when performing certain actions – and many more of the kind.

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