Following Up with Heartbleed

Three weeks ago (give or take) the Heartbleed defect exploded onto the computer security scene. In the past few weeks the bug has been the subject of both debate and research. Given those discussions and discoveries, now is a good time to take a look at the scope of the problem.

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The Heartbleed Bug

As you may be aware a flaw in the security infrastructure of much of the internet has been recently discovered. The defect is referred to as “heart bleed” or “Heartbleed” and it is without question one of the biggest challenges
to online security to date.

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Microsoft APP-V Overview

Application Virtualization is a technology that appears to end users as if an application is installed onto a machine. Virtualized applications are in fact not installed and do not leave a footprint on a machine. These applications function and operate in the same fashion as an application that has been physically installed in traditional fashion.

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HP LoadRunner 12.0: A First Look

The latest version of standalone LoadRunner (12.0) was released by HP on March 17th. With this latest release comes some significant changes over the prior 11.52 release, but not the wholesale type of changes that were present when upgrading from 11 to 11.50. If you’re wondering whether or not it makes sense to leap to version 12.0, I’ll try to highlight some main points of the release in this blog article as well as give you some initial snapshots at the interface.

One of the first things I noticed about this release was the change in licensing structure/naming. Version 12.0 is now called a “Community” edition and as such comes with a new permanent bundle of 50 Vusers. This means you can run up to 50 concurrent users through the Controller without any license expiration, and includes all protocols except GUI and COM/DCOM. It is nice to see HP come on board, as other tool vendors such as SOASTA had already allowed this same type of permanent trial for a small number of Vusers.  After a successful installation, you should see the following under the LoadRunner License Utility:

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Mobility in 2014 and Beyond – Keynotes, Product Launches, and Innovations

I’m writing this from somewhere over the Atlantic with 140mph headwinds. Almost 10 hours from BCN to EWR. Lots of time for blogs, now I’m only constrained by battery power. I miss Placa Reial already.

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Mobile World Congress in Progress

If you follow Olenick on Social Media you are aware of our presence in Barcelona – Kevin Flynn, Brandon McGuire and Claire McBride made it to Fira Gran Via for 4 days of exploring all that is emerging in the mobile world. Check out the photos our crew was able to capture at this fantastic event thus far:

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By 2017 Half of the World’s Data will be Stored in Hadoop

Half the world’s data, that is hard to imagine, let alone store.

By now, certainly if you are in the IT industry, you have heard all about Big Data…and maybe even know what Hadoop is and isn’t. One reason the title of this blog could turn out to be accurate, is that half the world’s data will be from Facebook, Yahoo, and Google. Let’s not forget online video providers; because of the nature of their data, Hadoop and NoSQL solutions are the only technologies (today) that can meet their business needs.

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A Global Approach with a Local Community Feel

The Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce continues to keep Olenick Global and all its members’ #WellConnected. This coming week we look forward to their “Giant Networking Event” at the Electric Ireland Lounge at the Odyssey Arena here in Belfast. Networking and Hockey, win win!

The continuous well-planned and executed events hosted by Northern Ireland’s Chamber of Commerce continue to provide Olenick Global a route to engage with other members and businesses for possible partnership and collaboration opportunities.   We are still buzzing about our recent feature in their outstanding members magazine “Ambition.”   As they put it quite simply, “We help our members grow through unrivalled networking opportunities” and we agree.  Since joining in 2012 Olenick Global has attended over a half dozen events including their “Annual Lunch” and “Breakfast Networking”.

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