You on Paper: CV / Resume Tips from Belfast

Almost everyone, at some point, has had to write a curriculum vitae (C.V.). It may be for your first job out of University or for a new opportunity, but it is the main selling point of your skills to a potential employer, and it is important that it is written in order to showcase your talent in the best way possible.

While this may seem daunting, there are certain tips and pointers you can use to make sure that your CV stands out among the rest to ensure you have the best opportunity of getting that dream job!

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Bank Acquisitions: It’s About the Data

As a Test Manager at Olenick & Associates, I’ve had the pleasure of working through three acquisitions for a large bank and it is my conclusion that it all boils down to data. In this blog post I hope to enlighten you on some of the nuances I’ve encountered along the way and how to ask the right questions for your project.

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Infamous Software Bugs: AT&T Switches

In this third installment of our ‘Infamous Software Bugs’ series – a series with the goal of examining software blunders and identifying the bugs behind them – we will be focusing on AT&T’s Long-Distance Network Collapse that left callers waiting… and waiting… and waiting.

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Infamous Software Bugs: Mars Orbiter

Bugs can be both annoying and inconvenient – and I’m not just talking about the buzzing pests looking to land in your potato salad. Just as some insects can pose a threat to your well-being, software bugs can pose a threat to your software or system’s well-being – in addition, they can be costly to fix.

This is the first blog in our ‘Infamous Software Bugs’ series, which will take a look at some of the most infamous software bugs since mankind first found a moth trapped in the Harvard Mark II relay. Up first is a software bug that is out of this world… literally.

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It’s a Goal – No it’s Not, Yes it is!

Poor refereeing decisions have always been a hot topic for debate and argument for soccer fans, and none more so when obvious goals have been disallowed. This has been an integral part of the Soccer World Cup – up until now that is. The 2014 World Cup Finals are the first final to feature ‘Goal-Line Technology’ supplied by a small German start-up which is being paid nearly $3.5 million to operate the technology in each of the 12 World Cup stadia.

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The Importance of SQL Skills for Software Testers

The demand for “all around” testers is growing.

What does the phrase “all around” mean? It means that testers should be equipped with the ability to test the system’s functionality through traditional “point, click, and verify” testing methods AND be able to utilize their technical expertise to verify all aspects of a system. That technical expertise includes operating system, interface, and database verification skills. In this blog, I will highlight the importance of good Structured Query Language (SQL) skills.

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Using Selenium for Performance Automation

Coding automated test suites for Performance using freeware tools is frequently frightening, but in certain occasions one can accomplish the feat and walk back home unharmed. We like to think that the case covered in this post is a good example of such.

The AUT that demanded Performance Testing is dedicated to manage patient surveys from Medical Institutes and as part of that goal, it provides the ability to search the surveys filtering and organize them based on diverse criteria.

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Don’t Forget About Manual Testing


Continuous Integration, Agile Development, Automated Testing – there are many options a business needs to consider when deciding how to approach the testing of their new software. With constant pressure to get projects done with fewer resources, and in more compressed time frames, sometimes we wonder if there are better ways to ensure quality then what we are doing today.

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ALM 12

Earlier this year, HP released the newest version of ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) version 12.0. HP ALM is one of the more commonly used software tools for managing the lifecycle of an application under construction. Among the activities that HP ALM facilitates are requirements tracking, test planning, functional test exertion and defect management. HP ALM enables the objects created from these activities to be connected and traced back to each other quickly and easily. With the latest version of ALM, the functionality of the requirement tracking, test planning, functional testing and defect management activities are mostly untouched. ALM 12 does have some major enhancements and changes; the highlights of which shall be touched upon below.

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