The Value of an Internship

5 hours agonizing over the short response questions
2 hours perfecting the "extracurricular activities" section
10 hours brainstorming, drafting, reworking, and finalizing the essay
7 emails asking for letters of recommendation

The above items are just a few of the components of a college application.  The hours spent are strenuous and heavy and can take months to prepare.  On the other hand, the college admissions interview is twenty minutes, and can't be prepared completely in advance.

Usually, interviews detail involvement in high school clubs, sports, activities, and hopes for college. Mine almost never took this format because of how I spent this past year. Last spring, I graduated a year early from high school to spend nine months as an intern at Olenick. I wanted to have a chance to explore my interest in the software development lifecycle in a practical setting, where people worked with software quality engineering every day. 

My time at Olenick became a major asset in my college interviews. Sometimes a few minutes into an interview, interviewers would put away their defined set of questions once they understood my situation. The interview then became a conversation, and I felt like there was genuine interest in my path and intentions for taking it.  For example, during my Stanford interview, the interviewer had worked as a consultant in an environment that was very similar to Olenick – we spent nearly thirty minutes talking about how our experiences were similar or different, and what I had learned from working so close to important roles such as project managers, business analysts, software engineers, recruiters, and business development professionals.  We also discussed how my work experience had impacted my hopes and expectations past graduation; instead of talking about my least and most difficult class, we discussed the challenges associated with working in a dynamic, deliverable-oriented environment. 

I will be attending University of California, Santa Cruz this fall to continue my education after this yearlong internship. I truly believe that working at Olenick gave me an edge in the admissions process due to the interest from interviewers regarding my experience, my unique perspective concerning life after graduation, and my desire to go back to school after such a break. Overall, my intern experience at Olenick was a massive help not only in the college admissions interviews but to my perception of life after school and what day-to-day work is like in an office environment. It was an opportunity I would recommend to high school graduates that have a desire to broaden their horizons and try something new while also improving their college resume. Going forward, I hope to use this knowledge in building my career, using my time at Olenick as a stepping stone into a world of possibility.

Author: Owen Raymond - Intern  

Meet LEGO Serious Play Facilitator: Alan Branagh

Alan Branagh

DigitalDNA will bring together some of the best and brightest leaders in digital transformation, innovation, and business.  In advance of the Digital DNA conference, we had a chance to interview Alan Branagh, who will be facilitating LEGO Serious Play (LSP) Workshops at DigitalDNA, to gather some insight as to why LSP Workshops are such a powerful problem-solving tool for business and technology leaders. 

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Why Should I Care About Application Uninstall?

An application packager's role is to package content for deployment. Too often the vendor does not consider what happens when their package needs to be uninstalled. Why should I as a packager care about what happens if and when someone decides to remove a package I have built? Windows does not have a good history when it comes to keeping itself clean and tidy, and by ignoring the need to clean up deployments I have authored, I only contribute to that history. It's time to break the cycle as a packager, uninstall processes needs to have just as much scrutiny as deployment. As the industry moves away from the classic desktop application management model and starts treating enterprise applications like mobile applications, cleaning up a removed package becomes more essential.

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An Introduction to LEGO Serious Play

Six months ago a colleague told me about his experience with LEGO Serious Play.  It sounded so fascinating, I wanted to know more about this experiential process that produced such incredible results.  That’s when I discovered that Alan Branagh, one of the most experienced LEGO Serious Play facilitators was based right here in Northern Ireland, so I set up a taster session - I couldn’t wait to get my hands on those familiar LEGO bricks I played with as a child.

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Olenick to host LEGO Serious Play workshops at Digital DNA 2017

BELFAST, Northern Ireland, 11 May 2017 – Olenick is to offer LEGO Serious Play workshops facilitated by Alan Branagh at Digital DNA on 6-7th June.  The LEGO Serious Play workshops will focus on innovation and technology problem solving, central pillars to Olenick business services.  Digital DNA delegates can register for a free workshop here.

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Web Accessibility Testing Tools Part III: HTML Code Inspectors

Welcome back to the final blog of this Web Accessibility blog series.  Today’s featured accessibility testing tool might be familiar to you, depending on your exposure to HTML code. Here are a couple hints: every day, this tool is leveraged by both Web developers and Web testers, as well as an abundance of people who have access to the internet and a Web browser…this tool also helps solve far more sophisticated issues than its animated counterpart, “Inspector” Gadget…Do you think you know the tool?

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Olenick to attend and present at ILTA’s LegalSEC Summit

Join Olenick at ILTA’s LegalSEC Summit, June 13-14th.  Bill Mertes and Scott Christensen will be leading the Olenick legal team in talking with clients, thought leaders, and in presenting a session titled, “Risky Business: Talking to the Internet of Things”.  Olenick hopes to see you at the educational session or at the booth.  Further details on the session are provided below and if you prefer to setup a meeting time in advance, please reach out here Olenick is an ILTA Gold Sponsor.

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Web Accessibility Testing Tools Part II: Web-based Accessibility Evaluators

Welcome back to the Olenick Web Accessibility Testing Tools Blog Series! Today’s blog post will cover how and when to incorporate free, Web-based automated accessibility evaluators into overall-manual accessibility testing. Furthermore, we will discuss potential issues to be aware of when utilizing free automated testing tools for accessibility testing.

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2017 European ILTA Roadshow

Edinburgh, Manchester, and London – Olenick has an international set of presenters who will be in town for an ILTA Roadshow which will focus specifically on the legal stack of applications.  

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Intro to Web Accessibility Testing Tools: Assistive Technologies

Hello and welcome to the Olenick Web Accessibility Testing Tools Blog Series! Throughout this blog series, we will introduce Web accessibility testing, overview some of the testing tools available for accessibility testing, and analyze the pros and cons of each tool.

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